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Here's What I'd Do With Trinity. [Read, Flame/comment Pls<3]


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I'm curious to hear if any of this sounds like fun to people, or if I should not only go back to the drawing board, but also set fire to the drawing board and never touch one again.

It's a fairly drastic redesign. Thanks in advance for your thoughts/mockery/opinions on Sheldon's mime skills.

spoilers used cos it's long. Did I mention it's long?

#1 Energy Vampire (25 energy)

Description: "Trinity charges forwards, tearing energy from her enemies and channelling it to her teammates."

  • Like slash dash, but does no damage, staggers instead, and sends energy to all teammates per target hit.
  • 5 Energy per target hit, up to 6 hits per charge. [affected by Focus]
  • Damage and knockdown on only the end target, somewhat like rhino charge's "gore".
  • Energy leeched does not return to trinity herself, only to her teammates.
  • Suggested range: 10m (30% shorter than rhino charge, same width) [affected by Continuity & Constitution]

#2 Well of Life (50 energy)

Description: "Heals nearby allies and creates a well of life. Tenno standing in the well regain health. Maximum of 2 in effect."

  • Moderate cast time, use rhino stomp animation imho!
  • During cast animation, trin emits a couple of Infested Ancient Healer-style waves
  • This provides a partially front-loaded heal. Splitting it into 2 waves in rapid succession allows players to visually distinguish a friendly trinity from an unfriendly ancient.
  • When cast is complete, creates a pulsing (stationary) ground effect, which pulses once per second and heals all players in its area.
Tentative values by skill rank:

initial healing 'shockwaves':

heal value: 2x 33 / 2x66 / 2x100 / 2x133 [affected by Focus for a max of 2x173]

radius: 13m [affected by Stretch]

duration: not applicable

ground AoE 'wells':

heal value (per second): 15 / 33 / 50 / 75

radius: 10m [Not affected by Stretch]

duration: 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 seconds [affected by Continuity, Constitution for a max of 8 seconds]

#3 Link (75 or maybe 100 energy?)

Description: "Link redirects 50% of incoming damage to nearby enemies. Trinity gains health and energy regeneration per linked hostile. Up to 5 targets."

  • Link will seek up to 5 nearby monsters to attach to.
  • Incoming damage: 50% is negated, remaining 50% is taken by trinity but also copied to all link targets, 1:1 ratio. i.e. each target takes as much as trinity is tanking.
  • If link has no targets, it doesn't work, same as now, and-
  • It will continue to seek new targets for its entire duration, as it does now.
  • While active: per linked monster, Trin gains 6 health/s and 5 energy/s. [affected by Focus]
  • duration: slightly buffed, 12s base, up from 10s. [affected by Continuity, Constitution]
  • radius: same as now, 15m [affected by Stretch]

#4 Blessing (100 energy)

Description: "Fully restore your teammates' health and shields, and temporarily overcharge their defenses."

  • Remove the invulnerability.
  • Same cast time.
  • Entire team gets full health and shield, and regenerates 100hp/s for the duration.
  • Team gets +100% Stamina Recharge
  • Team's shields regenerate constantly, even when taking damage.
  • Knockdown immunity for at least trin, maybe full team?
  • Same duration as present

Thanks to anyone who reads the whole thing~

P.S. I can't wait to accentuate my lobster tail with a scarf. unironically hell yes to that

P.P.S with rank 10 redirection and maxed out vigor, plus the meridian helmet, trinity has less than 900 shields. that's kinda low imo! :P

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Well I should clearly have been expecting random abuse :P

Seriously "leave the balancing to Scott"?

It would have been less obviously pointless to say "leave the balancing to my goldfish", frame balance has been completely shot the entire time this game has existed and it still is, so...

I mean, at least take a moment to explain why ideas are bad, otherwise delicate souls like me get terribly discouraged with the whole feedback process :p

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I like the reworked energy vampire, haha. I mean, DE put vampire in the name. also the stationary well of life seems like a good idea. link and blessing sound like they are being reworked by DE, and I forget the specifics from the livestream, but link sounds kinda like this? idk, let's talk about the first two skills!


energy vampire at present has that cap, which is kinda annoying. this makes it based on enemies hit, but I think like slash dash it shouldn't be a limited number of enemies. not sure if that will keep it balanced, though. but I'd want to draw maybe 50 energy out of enemies, so if the hard cap is 10 enemies, that would be better than 6. one issue I have is that at present, energy vampire is a great skill for trinity to use soloing to keep your energy up. I think she should still gain energy out of it. again, 50 would be nice if the skill costs 25 to use. maybe, also, give the enemies affected by an energy drain a debuff so that they can't be energy drained again. at least not for a bit. this would prevent spamming it, and would justify giving trinity energy too.


regardless of this, automatically returning energy to all teammates is excellent! part of the problem with energy vampire at this point is that it is cast on an enemy, and if a teammate needs energy, they have to attack this particular enemy, and sometimes either someone just kills it, or it was too weak to begin with, and thus either you or a teammate don't get energy. and sometimes if you're in the fray, or a different area of the map (like during survival), then your teammates won't know an enemy is energy vampired. so leaving the energy gathering to trinity alone is a great fix to this. however, it would also be nice to know how much energy each player has. I think the HUD needs to be tweaked a little bit so that 1) team stuff isn't blocking the chat window 2) it also shows energy and 3) possibly shows max energy, health, and shields (unless you keep track of teammates' max shields, sometimes you don't know they're in trouble if their shields are still up at like 500, because their max was 1200).


actually that's really all I had to say. well of life is terrible as it is right now (i've cast it maybe once, just to see what it looks like, haha), so having a stationary well is pretty cool and much more useful. well of life also suffers from being target-based, thus your teammates have to find the particular enemy

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Your suggestions are fine, except for Energy Vampire.


Trinity needs to avoid getting into the thick of battle. If you give her an essential ability that requires her to get into melee range, even with link, you're going to have a bad time against high level enemies.


10 Armor folks. 10 Armor.

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