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sensitivity changes while using multiple modes


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hello, i am here report an issue where my sensitivity changes when switching between operator mode and warframe. i mainly only have this issue while on the plains, but when i go into operator mode my sens increases as if its registering my archwing ( i have slightly higher sens in that mode) and when i switch back into my warframe it keeps that higher sens...my only fix is going into archwing and exiting. Once i leave the archwing, my sens resets to what it should be while using either operator or warframe. this is  incredibly frustrating because i constantly have to go into archwing to fix it which resets any on going warframe abilities like iron skin. 

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this is still an issue. im getting it a lot in fortuna now and it really hurts gameplay when your sensitivity suddenly feels like it doubles. using an archwing or switching to operator form seems to cause it. not sure if the sequence matters or not. aim-gliding mightve had something to do with it also.

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