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Void Relic UI -- Reward Count


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Heya folks!

As a new-ish player, I found that looking at the Void Relic menu while on your ship or Relic selection on the Starchart is lacking some information that would be nice to see, a total count of what rewards you already have from your current selected relic. This is much like how you can see the total count for the available rewards at the end of the mission/set of waves, or weapons you already own in the Marketplace.

As an example, I'm currently farming relics for the Braton Prime parts. I'm finding myself double checking my relics at the Foundry to make sure I'm selecting the appropriate relic on the Starchart so I don't end up using the wrong relic. This can reduce the time Tenno spend looking up Prime parts from the Foundry, the Codex, or the Void Relic menu. This would also be helpful if you were looking for multiple Prime parts. Another example for myself is that I'm aiming for Tigris Prime and Sybaris Prime parts/blueprints alongside my Braton Prime parts, a quick glance at a total count of owned parts would reduce my downtime between Void Rift missions and increase my engagement with the game as a whole. I hope this suggestion seems reasonable, and welcome any feedback or other suggestions. Thanks for your time and consideration!

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i realy tired or going to fundery or inventory for seeing that which part i have and which part i should farm 

i think if we can see info about which part that contain in relic we already have or how many of them we have in "void relic refinement" section in ship , would help us to know which relic we should make rad or flaw or excp 

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