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The Trespasser: A Warframe Fan fiction


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The Trespasser- A warframe short story

Written by Thierwyn


What am I?

I am completion and corruption

the culmination of faith and folly

kings and princes

peasants and paupers

beast and bird

all bow their knee to me

I end all fear, obliterate all doubt

bring relief and nurture sorrow

My actions cause and relieve pain

I am oblivion and absolution

I leave chaos in my wake

and peace in my passing

What am I?

I am death.


--Naramon school meditation riddle


Janis huddled in the corner of the suffocating confines of her cell, Leaning on the only bench to avoid the electrified walls that prevented any attempt for escape. The crackle and droning hum of voltage did little to ease her mind of her situation. At any moment, the Grineer thugs holding her could turn on the death switch and cause the room to be encompassed with lightning, turning her to a blackened corpse in a moment. Of course, it was also the sadistic doctrine of the Grineer to do it slowly, making the captive suffer anxiety and dread as they built up the flow. She was already fighting the sensations of despair and hopelessness at the prospect of what would happen to her.

Being an agent of Steel Meridian already was considered treason to the Queens, and anyone captured from that syndicate would be killed; however, they would apply torture in creative and brutal ways to squeeze any information out of her before they did so. Naturally, they also did it not just out of duty, but for pleasure—such was the nature of the Grineer.

She never considered it treason because she never felt an actual loyalty to the wicked Queens. Janis always saw them as ugly, bitter, and cruel taskmasters, and defying them seemed natural. When she had discovered this strangeness in her, Grineer scientists saw it as a flaw in her genetics—a mistake. She was instantly set for execution until the Steel Meridians raided the ship and rescued her and other prisoners who had the flaw. When she learned that there were others like her, it only seemed to vindicate her existence. The scientists and officers always said she was a freak and flawed to defy the queens, but now she had others who were like her. It made her feel like it was the Grineer that were the flawed ones for not having a will of their own. The thought of it made her decision to join the Steel Meridian easy.

Now, after a failed infiltration into a Grineer complex, she had been captured, the rest of her squad slaughtered or likewise captured by the Grineer. They were separated and sent to other ships to await the interrogation and eventual execution. She was given only enough rations and water to keep her alive, and the room was claustrophobic and cold. Despite her environmental suit that covered her like a second skin, her skin prickled and she shivered. It was more from the stress of waiting for death than the temperature that made her shudder.

Suddenly, even through the thick door of her cell, she could hear the familiar klaxons of alerts reverberating through the ship. She stood quickly, excitement and hope bursting into her heart. Was it a rescue team? Did the Steel Meridians raid the ship to rescue her? She tried to press the side of her head to the door, aching to hear more, but could only hear the alarms.

Could it be…one of them?

She had never met one of those creatures: the Tenno. She had seen vids of the strange humanoid warriors made of flesh-like metal and wielding weapons and powers that seemed like sorcery rather than science. They were feared and hated by all the enemy factions while revered and respected by the syndicates like Steel Meridian. They were the enemy of our enemies and thus seen as friends. Yet they never spoke and their true identities were shrouded in rumor and conjecture. Some said they were beings of pure energy of the void and had no true form, while others swore they were flesh and blood, but drove the warframes like they were piloting a Dargyn vessel.

New sounds could now be heard through the thick door. Loud booms and screams of dying Grineer along with the constant sound of gunfire. As Janis strained to hear she could hear two words that made her heart skip a beat.

“Tenno Skuum!”

It was one of them! A Tenno is here to rescue me!

Pounding on the door, Janis strained her throat as she screamed, “TENNO! I’M IN HERE!”

More gunfire could be heard, some ricocheting off the walls and the door on her cell. It was at this point that Janis was glad that her prison had thick armor as she heard the pinging sounds of bullets bouncing off the hull.

Then fear became palpable as she heard a new sound. Janis turned to see the walls of her cell suddenly growing brighter as arcs of electricity began to fire off on either side of the walls. Her skin prickled as static electricity built up on her flesh despite the insulating suit she wore.

They triggered the death switch! I got to get out of here!

Janis pounded on the door harder, not caring about the pain on her fists or the soreness of her throat.


A lash of electricity hurled itself against Janis, and she let out a scream as pain shot up her arm. Her suit took the brunt of the damage, the fabric crisping and black where it hit, but she still felt the agony on her body. More arcs of lightning whipped about, some coming close to striking her like a cat of nine-tails. The smell of seared flesh and ozone wafted into her nostrils, adding to the fear and tension. Cold sweat permeated her skin and she even felt herself struggle to control her bladder.

“TENNO!” She howled as another bolt hit her thigh, making her curl up into a fetal position. It would be any time now that the electricity would build up to the maximum level and she would be impaled by white-hot fire and incinerated.

Then as quickly as it began, the sound of electricity began to ebb. Her ears were still ringing from the thunderous sounds and her muscles twitched from residual pain and shock. It took several seconds, though it felt more like hours before her mind finally processed what was going on.

The electricity…stopped?

Bewilderment gave way to relief, then to elation as she heard a new sound at the door. The bolts of the prison door opened with a hiss and it slide up quickly.

What Janis saw waiting for her chilled her already cold flesh. A being that looked human but shimmered from obsidian like steel. The body was almost bony looking, yet stood erect and carried strength in its slim body. Ornate rings pierced along its thighs that glistened of steel and precious metal. It had no eyes but Janice swore it was burrowing into her soul with an unseen gaze. Its face was a mask like some skull of some unknown animal, long and slim with protruding cheek bones like long fins.

A Nekros…Janis shuddered as she stepped towards the Warframe. She remembered hearing about this particular warframe from her instructors in the Relay station on Pluto. The reaper of the dead, capable of not only slaying its enemies, but raising them back as unholy shades to do his bidding. This particular one was of an Orokin flair—one of the prime Nekros, she surmised. Despite the golden gleam, it still was a frightening looking creature.

“Th-Thank you.” She stammered. Nekros stepped back and allowed her to leave the cell. She quickly got her distance from the warframe and watched as it pointed towards the outer cell door. She nodded, understanding instantly what he wanted. Follow me and stay close.

The moment she inched closer to the warframe, she heard the sounds of more alarms.

They knew she got loose!

Several assorted Grineer soldiers rushed into the outer chamber of the prison, brandishing various guns and cursing loudly.

“Kill the Tenno!” One said in their guttural language.

“Kill the prisoner!” Another said.

“For the queens!” Yet another roared.

Janis huddled to the bulkhead of the prison as Nekros rushed forward, drawing the fire of the soldiers with his own. Brandishing a gleaming gold assault rifle, it hurled itself into the midst of the incoming marines, bullets ripping through shields and armor like they were paper. Several rounds pierced into their chests, sending geysers of black-red blood from their bullet-riddled corpses. A Grineer with a bare head took a bullet between its eyes, causing his head to explode in a plume of gore before he hit the floor.

Nekros was killing, but not enough. Janis saw the Warframe’s shields flickering around him as multiple shots drained his slowly weakening field. A black miasma filled Nekros’ hand and with a balled up fist, hurled a blast of void energy into one of the Grineer. The Soldier’s body flew back as the bolt of darkness went through him and struck two more of his comrades who were unfortunate to be behind him.

Watching the fight, She regained enough of her senses to realize they weren’t going to get out of here without teamwork.

“Tenno! Give me a weapon!” She yelled then ducked as several shots nearly took her own head off.

Nekros looked back at Janis, then slide something holstered on his hip along the floor towards her, then rushed forward into the incoming soldiers, blasting with black bolts and spats of gunfire. Janice grasped hold of the item and pulled it in close, staring at the ornately fashioned weapon. It was a pistol, but was big and beautifully crafted with the tendril like ornamentation common among the ancient Orokin.

More gunfire pinged off the bulkhead where she hid, breaking her from her appraisal of the weapon. With her fingers around the grip, she waited for a moment, then slipped just far enough out of cover to fire a shot. The gun’s recoil was barely there but it gave off just enough kick to shock her awareness. The bullet she fired flew high and missed her target completely.

Get it together, Janis, or the Tenno will be dragging your carcass out of here!

With renewed determination, she fired again, this time holding the gun steady. The shot flew hard, taking the Grineer she was targeting at the shoulder. He let out a gurgling cry as he fell back dead. More shots fired from the heavy pistol, and more Soldiers fell, both her and the Tenno’s.

After several grueling minutes of combat, the Grineer soldiers appeared to all be laying on the ground dead. Blood and excrement pooled on the floor as she saw the carnage about her. It had not been the first time that she was forced to kill her own people—it was war; however, this level of brutality made Janis’s stomach flip inside her.

“What now?” she asked the Tenno after several moments of controlling her urge to vomit. Nekros looked at her, then back at the corpses. He waved his hand out among the midst of the bodies and she watched in morbid fascination as the Grineer corpses dissolved, armor and all before her eyes. The only thing left behind was several ammo pieces and emergency health packs that glowed an eerie blood red hue. Nekros picked off several clips of ammunition and a few health orbs as Janis watched on.

Reaping the dead…just like the legends. She had been referring to an ancient Earth myth of the Angel of Death, the grim reaper. Legends told of such a divine being ushering the honored and wicked to the other world. She was now watching such a spectacle and her mind could hardly process what was happening.

Nekros hurriedly changed magazines from his rifle, a long donut-shaped clip that he placed a fresh clip in. Janis did the same, quickly loading the pistol in her hand with a fresh magazine she found on the floor. The Tenno watched her reload then at a nod, the two moved quickly out the corridor and into the heart of the ship, and hopefully freedom.

--End of part one--

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