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Flux Reload Sound Goes Crazy If Interrupted (With Video Link)


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I did a little searching and didn't see anything about this.


When the flux runs out of ammo and my warframe does something like jumping forward or kicking something in the face, the reload sound repeats constantly (click click click click...) until the reload animation gets a chance to replay (and complete).


I use flux a lot and hear the thousand reload clicks every match.  I ignored it initially figuring it was a bug that would get fixed quickly.  This has been a problem for me since I started using flux a while back.


Anyone else notice this?


Additional details:

My tech level - high.

Yes, I have restarted my computer.

Happens in stereo and 5.1

Not a driver problem

Only happens with this one sound

Verified game integrity with Steam

Fix - not doing stuff that causes the problem (not interrupting the reload animation)


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Oh wow. That was a "RIP Headphone users"-moment for me xD. Yes they should fix this!

seriously that freaked me out....can't take sounds like those especially on my headphones


but I haven't seen this happen, maybe I've never interuppted the reload (doubt it) but yea it MIGHT be just you

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I get this as well. The worst is when you are reloading and hit a skill but also get knocked down by something. The reload sound keeps on keeping on even after you get back up, finish the skill animation (tho this might just be a miasma issue with saryn) and then have to do a full reload animation before it finally stops.


My freakin ears.

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Thanks DE_George and to those who also chimed in.


As Sjuuk said, it will literally keep going until it gets a chance to complete even in chained interruptions like jump -> power -> knockdown.


If there is trouble reproducing the problem, I can provide additional information or FRAPS videos of different scenarios.

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