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Best sentiniel weapon?


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Gonna have to go with the Popular vote here, and agree on Artax.
(A Weapon so powerful DE themselves were forced to redact it from the Riven Unveiled Weapon Table!!!!......Okay, that's not exactly the reason, but I still like to think it was.)

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Depends on the engagement range of the Moa.

You wouldn't really get much mileage with a vulklok on a Carrier for example, since it only engages enemies within 10m.  Sure, the vulklok hits hard, but it's slow, and the sweeper should easily out DPS it.

I trust the AI to be less than stellar too.  If the Moa has an engagement range of 30m, it'll probably start shooting the sweeper without moving into an ideal range for it.

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Honestly the damage from sentinel guns is always garbage, so either use a status focused Blast+Electric Sweeper or a Blast/Viral+Electric Artax for Condition Overload abuse. 

Also, considering the Moa seems to behave more like a pet than like a sentinel, I'd rather use the sweeper to give it CC and self-defence capabilities since the Artax CO trick only works if you can control what it attacks. 

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Depends what you want.

If you want best damage per shot, get Sweeper Prime or Vulklok, though sweeper has poor range and Vulklok need fire rate riven.
If you want crowd status, get either Sweeper or Prisma Burst Laser, though again sweeper has poor range and prisma laser spread shoots a lot.
If you want single target status, use Stinger or Artax, if you dont mind Stinger occasional "pin enemies to air" bug that can block shoots.

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12 minutes ago, (PS4)LorcSephiroth said:

Yeah but doesn't that weapon only work on Helios? 

We don't know yet if it will work with the new Moa pets.  If so, then it would definitely be the most powerful one hit sentinel weapon.  

It's very interesting to make a build for it.  Because you don't need some of the normal melee mods, you can make it shoot faster.  It also benefits from Healing Return which strangely enough will and does return health to the frame as well as the sentinel. 

edit: It took me awhile to realize why I was regaining health when I didn't have HR or LifeStrike equipped on melee weapons I was ranking up for mastery fodder.  

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vor 9 Minuten schrieb Xenox_Ilz-ot:

As far as I know, any Sentinel can use it, so Moas may be able to use it too

The Deconstructor Prime is a Sentinel weapon that can only be used by the Helios Prime and Helios Sentinels, which is the Primeversion of the Deconstructor featuring all-around improved damage. This weapon uses melee mods.

Click on tab, click on search bar, type decon, return, click on deconstructor prime. 15 sec. 

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Unless I am mistaken, the highest damage of a sentinel weapon falls to Deconstructor Prime, but we don't know if that one will work on MOAs since it doesn't even work on other sentinels. It is also very expensive to mod to the best possible damage, as you will need a spare Condition Overload, a spare Primed Pressure Point, and a spare set of dual stat mods (including electricity). It also is limited to very close range, which could be considered a negative or a positive, depending on your gameplay.

In second, I would place the Vulklok; it has high damage, and is a good bit easier to mod, with the most expensive mod being a fully ranked Serration. It does have a slow fire rate, but to offset that, it can start firing at enemies much sooner due to the long range; you can even add Eagle eye to increase that range.

If you only care about utility, and don't really want your sentinel/MOA to kill, I believe Artax is the best choice. It is easy to mod for if you are only going for the guaranteed cold proc: Sinister Reach, Eagle Eye, some punch through, and an excuse to use Continuous Misery.

The other weapons seem to fall behind those three in their respective categories, with perhaps the exception of Sweeper Prime, which would fall in a category between Deconstructor Prime and Vulklok.

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