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Bug: Exploitable indestructible protection bubbles in no-shield missions


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No-shields missions only (nightmare alerts).

Requires the [Sanctuary] mod on an active Sentinel (confirmed for Helios Prime) on whoever revives a downed ally.

When reviving a downed ally in No-shields (nightmare) missions with a sentinel that has the [Sanctuary] mod installed, the protective bubble remains in place indefinately. It blocks enemy (and friendly) fire completely, is indestructable and provides unlimited protection for anyone standing inside.
In all defense type missions this can be easily exploited to make nightmare missions trivial: just get downed on top of the defense target and get revived by a teammate with [Sanctuary] mod no their sentinel. The result is a permanent and indestructible protection bubble on the defense target, rendering it immune to all ranged enemy units.

How to replicate this bug:

1.) enter a no-shields mission (e.g. Nightmare alert) with a sentinel that has [Sanctuary] mod equipt

2.) wait for a squad mate to get downed

3.) revive that team mate

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Had the same thing happen to me today. 

Nightmare mod alert. My setup was Rhino prime & Helios prime with the Sanctuary mod.

Played with Vazarin / max rank Mending Soul. While using those charges, no bubble appeared. After charges ran out, this was the result by the end of the mission: 


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