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Loosing arbitration buff after the host quit


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I was in an arbitration mission with 3 other players. I joined 3 minutes before the end of the accessibility of the mission.

I was playing rhino and got the +300% strenght buff. In the mission, my "roar" gave us a +303% damage buff.

After the first reward, everyone left, including the host, but I stayed. So a host migration occured.


After the migration, I didn't have my +300% strenght buff anymore. My roar only gave me +145% damage.


Here's my theories :

1) Changing host cancel the buff

2) Changing host make the game "re-evaluate" the state of the mission. If the timer of the mission is over, the game doesn't consider the mission to be an arbitration anymore, and the +300% buff isn't granted.

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