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Ayatan Cyan/Amber Star Conversion


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Could we please have an option to convert "x" amount of cyan stars into amber star? We end with 34284923842390 cyan ones and very small amount of amber ones and like me, all my ayatan sculptures are missing amber stars because i dont have any.

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On 2018-10-29 at 8:39 PM, Hobie-wan said:

I've had a pretty consistent near 4:1 ratio of stars that I've collected (I have thousands stored up). Granted I'm not doing a bunch of sortied and getting that statue, but FWIW it's been fine for all the other statues and filling them all.

Getting the sculptures is less of a problem now that Arbitrations are a thing. However, almost all sculptures have a 3:1 or worse (as in needing more amber) ratio of stars. The only exception is Ayr, and DE had the bright idea of putting it into a non-repeating rotation A (which you can't grind by itself because you can only complete an arbitration per hour), making it even rarer.

Basically, getting amber stars isn't that much of a problem. Ending up with an overabundance of cyans is. And then Maroo berates you if you sell them by themselves. That's why I've started to see the manual pickup of stars as a blessing and not a curse, since I can just refrain from picking up cyans to not feel like trash later.

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