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Lore question: What's Maroo really after?


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"I wouldn't set foot in this place for all the Ayatan in the system. You, however..."

Maroo doesn't seem to operate along the lines of cash. The endo that she gives us is never confirmed to actually come from Ayatan statues, and I doubt that she'd just satisfy herself with a pretty-looking husk of what the Suda comic confirms to be storage for living memory. Maroo's involvement with antique information devices such as the Arcane Codices in Stolen Dreams and her weekly stumblings across more vanilla-seeming Orokin codices points to a constant inflow of information. On top of that, if you inspect the middle doorway that would lead to the syndicate hallway in a regular relay, it's locked, with a pile of pale dust next to it. It is unique for the whole bazaar and positioned there; with the faction-based stockpiles on the east and west entrances, it leaves me to assume that it's most likely a room where she keeps and saws open Orokin porcelain.

My pet-hypothesis is that Maroo is after Orokin technological knowledge. She's got the know-how to restart an abandoned relay, put it to use, attract powerful customers as a guarantee of protection in case she becomes too interesting to either faction, and seems to be running a lively business with a lot of her more dicey intentions left unsaid. And, perhaps, just like that person, she is an Orokin-in-hiding as well.

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