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Defence escortees need better AI


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You might expect anybody with a lil bit of braincells to stick near those meant to protect him/her when is going to be the target of hordes upon hordes of bad guys armed to te teeth... but nope, the escortees in Syndicate related Defence missions seem to be bothered by your presence and belive to be warframes themselves as they run away from you and the rest of the team to blindly shoot like a stormtrooper at any random enemy getting in their range.

I'm not sure if anybody is aware of this but there is a reason why escort missions have always been the most hated in gaming history (not just in Warframe): the people you're meant to protect are terrible at staying alive and seem to be deliberately put themselves in danger like they want to die.

With that out of the way, if we have to protect one single human being from an endless horde of space grunts, can the poor guy be at least smart enough to not run away from his protectors and stay in one area like a good defence objective would do ? It doesen't have to be an ultrasmart AI, just enough for it to stay inside of the "circle" we enter to start the mission would be more than enough.

And, no, this wouldn't make it the same as a "cryopod" defence objective for two reasons: 1) The cryopod is still tankier than the single guy outside of it; 2) The escortee can be revived, the cryopod cannot.

Please, give these poor escortees a better AI, they need it as much as we need them having it. Either that or get rid of them entirely for the old dear cryopods, at least those don't try to kill themselves.

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They should simply have specter AI. It feels like DE maimed some existing AI to increase ‘challenge’ but didn’t bother with any dilligent testing. Rescue victims and sortie defense AI are terribly glitchy and lame.

Otherwise Nidus is a good choice for defense at the very least because he can make a giant ball of enemies. With larva burst it can be done at will (burst in order to redeploy). Hand the target hikou (prime) with concealed explosives and they'll slay all before them.

The missions then become very casual.

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