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Suddenly, I'm a laggy host.


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I searched topics for something like what I'm experiencing and didn't find anything that seemed relevant.

Warframe runs fine for me and I essentially never have lag issues myself, I have a decent PC and an amazing internet connection.

At some point within the last two weeks though something has gone wrong.

Whenever I am assigned as host, my game runs fine, but everyone else in my squad ends up with something between 900-1400 ping.  In addition, at some point in the game my chat will invariably lose connection and will not be restored until the match is complete.

It took me a while to notice this because I typically play with my housemates, and whenever one of them is host, this issue doesn't occur.  (also since chat breaks every game, only recently have I seen more than a few people mention the ping before the connection was lost) It only happens in matches where I'm the host, and doesn't happen to my housemates.

I'm not a tech genius but I've read a lot of forum posts similar enough to my issue to seem helpful, and have checked my firewall settings, tried with and without upnp, and so on.  So far no luck.

Anyway, if anyone has any advice, it would be appreciated, I'd like to be able to farm relics and whatnot without the rest of the team aborting before the end.

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