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hi to all
some have been posted multiple times i hope you dont stop work on the dojos

Since the decoration of dojo has gone so many upgrades and reworks in the correct direction of course i assume its only appropriate to continue that path of renovating the tools of the dojos.

1)You gave us a great room the sandbox room which is awesome to decorate BUT its too tall for us that have a second and a third floor so we cant use it on the first level hmmm WHY?  Thanks for the room but a rework in the elevators to address the height problem should be reremastered.

2)For those out there that want to remaster the dojo maps but you have already put the reactors to a spot you cant move them or you put the barracks in a place its not convienient now and of course you cant destroy them or move them , for all those out there a tool that let you  rework the maping of the dojo and let you move the rooms and create new .


3)Child Component system is not working correct at all. if you connect an existing room from another room or corridor you should be able to delete the old corridor cause the room has a new connection. For example i put two elevators in one room and i could not delete the first one WHY? 


4) Rethink the whole Decoratio Cost and i will put it as simple as that 60.000 polymer for one stone is TOO MUCH its just decoration.


thanks for the work you do and those tools and changes are essential 

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