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STOP Putting Bounties in Caves/Underground Grineer sites!


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After 5 years of playing this game, I never thought I make a  RANT Complaint thread about this.(Luckily I'll try to keep this civil instead of constant swearing unlike some people.)

Who among Digital Extremes thought it was a good idea to bring bounties back in these Labyrinths?(Chirmea Update) The bounty missions don't work properly. and here are two examples.

*When you enter these cave sites, The timer starts and you can't get to the "actual" mission because you're too busy climbing down. (depending how far down you have to go) And you don't have a lot of time.(Well i suppose it's based on how you play or what Warframe you're running) The Supply caches are my most HATED bounty. the Yellow circle shrinks down for some reason. Also the maps are as I said above "a Labyrinth".

*Exterminates in caves* as Big these caves can be, there are not enough enemies to spawn in and you run out of time(*probably don't like solo players*)

It's either buggy or broken. Personally i want the missions removed from caves/underground grineer sites because this should belong to Operation Fail Plauge Star (which is what brought theses maps in the Plains to light.) or Mining in them which I do like. or Exploring if you can enter some of them that is.

But in conclusion I probably won't do bounties until these cave varient missions are fixed/removed which can also be bad for new players because not only these maps are hard to navigate(some not all), the missions have a chance to break and fail not to also mention the stupid "Circle" that warns you that you are abandoning the mission in so and so seconds because a new bounty mission deploys ontop of the CAVE you are in and you can't reach it in time because you're climbing back up! In short, "IT'S BROKEN!"

I don't want the same faith to happen to Fortuna/Orb Vallis.

Anyway sorry for the long post I don't do formus much but i hope DE looks into this "soon" NOT "years down the road soon" either.

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Seriously!? No I didn't have one of those Keys equipped. I haven't used those since the new Gear wheel(Chimera), and shortly after stopped using them after getting bored farming the Derelict. 

Anyway the only solution I can think for DE to fix those missions is to Extend the time limit at least 5-6 minutes. 2- 3 minutes is too short in my opinion,(then again I run solo) especially if you have to look for Supply Caches. 

For Exterminate, just need more enemies to spawn or lower the count. 

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they have fix spawn locations.

they make noise

They are spoted by the radar

they are visible with the codex scanner

they are always 2 in the outer edge of the circle and one in the inside

Circle shrink with the passing of time

The search is too easy

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