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Mod Redesign Concept: CHIPs


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Well I think we all have a problem with Mod capacity and Mod space on our weapons, and of course the Obligatory Mods(Serration, Split Chamber. etc).

Thinking on this I tryied to make a concept of new mechanic that could improve such things but its not a new thing, much like Arcanes.


The Chips can be a Reward for Long runs and maybe a new endgame mode(Boss Rush pls pls pls pls), The chips works much like the Arcanes, You can get a single Chip with a Random Polarity and then equip on your weapon of choice, The chip will not consume any mod capacity and you ll be able to use a selected mod known as "Progression Mods" They will be of course, the obligatory mods, Damage, Mutishot, and of course the mods that we dont really need but in such weapons work great like Reach, Shred, Ammo mutation mods, etc.

Those Chips can be installed on your weapon of choice to add this mods without cost but will cost a lot to remove the chip without Overwriting then, like 20k endo and 1mil credits. 

My idea is simple, make use of the vast majority of mods that we dont really use but still get a lot, much weapons like Viper, are considered trash tier but I do enjoy the Viper Wraith and her Sindicate Proc(also I have a riven that increase his magazine to 135). Maybe if we get this in game, we can make progression on high lvls much harder so it will be challenging and rewarding to get these chips, also I dont recommend to make then Tradeble, for the new players really try to get then.

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I really like this idea but i disagree with having the mods it allows be the obligatory mods. I think it should be similar to the exilus slot on warframes and be used for utility mods instead. My reasoning is that if you have it be the obligatory stuff people will just add on more damage because that's always better, it wouldn't really change much .It would just be power creep. However if you have it use mods that no one uses outside of edge cases like: hush, [primed] fast hands, combustion beam, or syndicate mods. It would add a new angle to weapon modding with much smaller power creep.

And i really agree with you that these should be tough to get and be kind of restrictive. Put behind a good grind and have them be polarity restrictive, so that you actually have to think about what you're doing especially if the mods applied are gonna be free.

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9 hours ago, (PS4)stormfalcon2018 said:

Well i kind of feel like there should be an attachments systems. This will basically be like call of duty's attachment systems except without attachments that directly effect damage, And the attachments will effect how the weapon looks while still being in the same style of the weapon.

The existing mod system is an attachment system?? hush is basically a silencer

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