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My squadmate didn't get rewards in Plains


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One of my clanmates was farming Iradite for Archwing Launcher, so I joined his squad by Communication - Friends - Join Session to help him farming.

We entered 40-60 lvl bounty for higher Iradite drop quantity. After handfull Iradites, I suggested him Teralyst hunting.

We did it, but he was squished by Vomvalyst after looting. I failed to revive him, then I returned to gate while he's dead.

I got the rewards but he said result screen is empty, so he checked every item there should be, but there was none. I suspected AFK reward wrecker cause he was down for a bit.

So we tried again. No Teralyst hunting this time. I did spotting Iradite/Nistlepot nodes by Archwing. And he gathered enough of them, we retun, and he said same thing again, the result screen is empty.

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Can you prove that the screen was empty?

Can you prove that no resources were awarded?

Why is your friend not posting about his own bugs?


Standard resources like those get awarded even if you quit the Plains from the menu. So he should get them even if the screen is blank. AFK timer is 2 minutes, he would have to be down for more than two minutes in a row.

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