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Fortuna, Encrypted Intelligence


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The Biz need a hand :

as you may allready know, today, at 19:45 et+1, we recived a message from The Biz. He is asking us to decript an encripted corpus transmission (i'll try to link it but here's a code to enter the discord server -> https://discord.gg/B4pQu).

I tryed to run it in a spectrograf online but didn't find anythig (if you can run it in a professional one please do), but i heared some diles being pressed, so I tryed to imitate them on a numerical keyboard on a phone and found the following numbers: 5 2 5 5  8    5 2 5 5 5 5 2   (5) 2 2 5 5 5 8 8

unfortunately by converting them in to letters I found this: J A K T   J A K K A   (J) B L U

Now if the number in parenthesis isnt there, those are exactly 12 letters, yet they lack meaning.

So I thought of an encription called Vigenère table using a matrix, and keys repitedly: corpuscorpus, profitprofit, creditcredit.

still haven't found any solution (haven't tried all the combination yet).

now it's to you outworlders, behind this encription lays the next cache or intel!

Let's find this toghether!



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10 minutes ago, (PS4)RhinoCharging00 said:

lol...Chinese take away for breakfast???

Lunch, yes...dinner, of course.

But breakfast?


lol It's only cause my next eating time will be breakfast and I'm allready hungry

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the guys on the discord hivemind cracked the code:


Project Solaris

RASE Solaris
LOKATION Fortuna / Orb Vallis, Venus

JOB Welder
DEBT Medium
PUNISHMENT Total bodily repossession
REKORDS trespass / possession of stolen goods / repo rights advokate
NOTES No family

STATUS Permanent brain shelving

The graph is titled "Profit tracking"

now to be kept updated I suggest following the forum: Solaris United ARG

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