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Dual Melee weapons rework needed


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I love using dual sword weapons in WF. There is just that unshakeable SAO feel to it (at least IMO) when you fling yourself into a squad of grineer, swords swinging. I love it. But that being said, i think the current dual weapons are somewhat lazy. It's not an actual dual wield system, it's a still one item, just like the akimbo guns. I would love to see an ACTUAL dual wield system where players could pick 2 DIFFERENT one-handed melee weapons and use them togeather. Wanna hack down grineer with. Skana and a Cronus, or 2 dark swords? Not a problem! Unless we stick with the current copy-pasta akimbo weps we have now. An actual dual wield system would allow for much greater customization and individuality amongst players too.

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