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Stalker Mode and Faction joining Concept Idea.


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Considering that the new war is comming and we will face the sentients on full force. I was thinkering on some ideas on how to implement the "stalker mode" and improve the mode to all factions in the game in a way that respects the lore and make it fun for everybody.


 here is the Idea.


1- After the new war quest end: the lack of a central power will lead back to all the factions waging war on each other so the idea is.

  • you can choose and join a Faction as a Syndicate ( corpus. Greneer. Tenno. Infested. Sentient) to work for/with them.
  • you'll be helping your faction of choice to get control of maps resources.
  • When on a planet/location that is own by your faction you'll get some buffs on the mission like more strenght/duration/efficiency and so on. more energy/health or more % drops. something like that.
  • To level your faction syndicate you can do some daily pve missions and/or the stalker mode.
  • You can change faction like you do with normal syndicates when you feel like it (but expect retaliation for your previous faction!)



  • Only some of your warframes and weapons will be able to do the assassination. preventing that you take advantages of frames/weapons that would be too OP for the mission.
  • Each faction will allow you to invade once every hour a Player marked to death by that Faction.
  • Each marked player will get a X % chance of the invasion being a normal one (g3, stalker, zanuka) and X % chance of being a real player. solo players will always get the npc and never player invasion.
  • During an invasion attempt, you'll spawn with some faction specific npcs to help you in the objective.
  • Important thing: Mission objectives like in defense. Kuva and so on cannot be damaged by the player that is invading the misson. 



3- Rewards for joining a faction/ doing the "stalker mode":  

  • New mods. 
  • Ship Skins. Sigils. Reskins for weapons and Emblems.
  • Warframe and tenno blueprint cosmetics Specific to the Faction. (syandanas. Armor sets. Sugatras and so on)
  • Weapon blueprints and Amp blueprints to each faction
  • Faction Statue for the orbiter.




I hope you all like it, ty for your time and if anyone has any suggestion on how to improve it i'll be happy to read and add it here.

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