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Certain duration (not channeling) abilities leaving frames vulnerable in transference


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Certain warframe abilities are pretending to be channeled abilities in regard to the frame's vulnerability state while the player is in operator. Channeled abilities are supposed to allow the Warframe to take damage while the player is in transference (with a damage reduction), but as far as I know, pure duration abilities never were given that status.

Even if duration abilities were given that status, there is still a problem, as only some duration abilities on some frames are acting as channeled abilities in this regard.


Saryn's toxic lash leaves her vulnerable, while Gara's splinter storm does not.

Mesa's shatter shield does leave her vulnerable, while Octavia's metronome does not.

Zephyr's turbulence leaves her vulnerable, while Zephyr's charged tailwind does not.


This doesn't really need a picture but I'll add one anyway. Here Saryn (a frame with no channeled abilities) is shown with a health bar that has not been greyed out, despite the operator being outside of the frame.


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