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Bug 242 - Elite Onslaught Zone 7 and 8 sometimes have random tiles


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I did Elite onslaught 3 times today, each time Zone 7 and 8 had a different tile.

The 2nd time zone 7 had the Earth Toxin Mixer tile with corrupt,
and on the 3rd time it had the tile where you remove and destroy the explosive thing before moving onto the mixer corrupt.

Zone 8 on the 2nd time had that big open grineer factory with all the conveyor belts with corrupt,
while the 3rd time it was an Orokin Derelict hall with a tree in the center with corrupt.

The first time today I don't remember much, but zone 8 had corpus, not corrupt.
I remember that well, on the 2nd run I was telling the squad what the enemies where at what zones,
and zone 7 and 8 had different enemies, and zone 8 had a different tile too, but I don't remember what it was.

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