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New Warframe "marina"


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First, sorry if my english is lame or basic. It's not my main language. So, try to correct me if im wrong in something ;).


Here is an idea about a new tenno i wanna share with you (and it'll be awesome seeing it on the game, HEAR ME DIGITAL EXTREMES!! lol)


Name: Marina, protector and destructive drowner.


Her skill to control the water provides protection to allies as well as a secure and painful death to the enemies.


Starting stats: 75 health, 150 shield, 100 armor (225, 450 and 100 armor respectively in lvl 30).




1.- cutwave: Marina creates a floating water wave that travels a good distance in front of her and impact all the enemies in its way, traspassing them even after the impact. (cost 25)


2.- bubble: Marina uses her aquatic power to surround herself in a bubble that pushes targets who touch it, incapacitating them


3.- Water shield: Marina puts a shield on an ally for a short amount of time, protecting him/her of any incoming damage.


4.- Tsunami: Marina uses all her force to unleash a great land of water around herself that pushes all enemies and making a lot of damage. 


These are the concept arts:


This is the full body design, she has some water tanks and fins on the arms and tighs to make more realistic the kind of power this warframe uses. Also, to relate her closer to the water's concept,.the hands are webbed like a frog.

The helmet has 3 pipes (one at the top and two at the lower sides of the helmet) to simulate a kind of oxigen giant mask just like the divers.
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The biggest problem with water 'Frames is the question of where is the water coming from?

well theres billions of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in any given area. you just two of one kind and one of the other and bam you got a water molecule.


Plus the grineer seem to use hydralics in their legs. and the human body is about 75% water so it's a safe bet that grineer and corpus have similar ratio's

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This type of character sounds promising; I would be delighted if the development team considered this new conceptual art. Beforehand the idea of ​​this member of the community has my full support, I LOVE HIS IDEA!


Thnx :D. In fact could be a secret warframe just like Nekros with a boss inside the single void.

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