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Shtonsh is profanity?


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I'm making a new Zaw with the Shtung and Kronsh parts,
so I combined the names, Sht from Shtung grip, and onsh from Kronsh, to make Shtonsh.
It sounds like Staunch which means loyal and committed in attitude.

But the games says it's profanity, so it won't let me name it that.

I also tried Shtaunch, but also profanity.

Naming it Shtung, after the in-game grip's name, also counts as profanity.

I think it's from s h and t being right next to each other, meaning it thinks there is an i in there, which there is not.

So i'm going to have to go with Staunch,

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I will give their profanity filter some credit. It's in-line, and outside of weapon/config/loadout names, you can turn it off.

I also haven't run into anything like I did on Vindictus, where I couldn't say lunt, but could say lunts (plural). They had  a number of strange bans. You couldn't talk about "position"ing, you had to use "wdf" instead of "wtf", etc. And the really annoying thing is it'd nix your whole message if you included any word it didn't like.


I kinda wonder how much of a boon to your game's "rating" having a profanity filter provides.

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How about "Cassowary"... a lovely creature native to north-eastern Australia (among other places). It also happens to be one letter more for the weapon Cassowar... but is somehow profanity which means you can't Entitle the aforementioned weapon to add that "y" on the end.

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2 hours ago, KelsierSurvivor said:

Try linking something in-game that "doesn't exist". [Umbra Hooded Scarf] for example. It nixes the whole message. 

Requires you to link something though. I can say "Umbra Hooded Scarf" freely and it won't. That's also not the profanity filter, that's the item linking routine. Does need to be updated to just leave it plain text if it can't link it, but still.

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So turning of Region chat is not enouth, now i shouldnt even name weapons, maybe getting a ban from that as well...

Anyone remembers the "brain mouse" ? Imagine this thing still is there and its advanced and can read your swearing words, man i bet about more then 50 % of players are banned for lifetime for this.

@Walkampf: Man im slow! Just after longer thinking about what you written there i started laughing very hard! (Mostly for me beeing so slow)

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