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Net-launchers - a not-so-lethal class of weapon


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Hello everyone,

With the Fortuna update and the new kind of ressource we will have to get there (wild animals), it surprised me to not have noticed before the use of nets for traps & captures.

After all, the Nets are supposed to be used for civil purpose (hunting/fishing/gathering) but the fighters & the soldiers ended by using them too. The oldest exemple I have in mind are from the roman gladiators (the Retiarius class):




So... how could it be translated in Warframe (in a grim future where there is only war) ?

First: all the Faction (Orokin, Corpus & Grineer) could have their own net-launcher or different design with same prupose.

Exemple of an other kind of design: the Orokin trap-launcher could be a set of balls thrown to the target, if they hit : an energy-link/rope appear (somekind of a sci-fi cowboy lasso)

But for the sake of clarity, we will only take the mechanism behind the basic tool, used nowaday




Second: there is a true originality with this kind of weapon because of the mods & the intent behind the wanted use. The main objective of this class of weapon is not "to kill" but "to put the target in a vulnerable state".

The projectile speed will affect the target - depending on the speed it was hit by the projectile, the target will be carried away for a remaining distance (ex: if the target is within 5m, with the basic speed of "100%" - the target would be carried by the net to a distance of 20m + if there is a wall within this distance, the target will be pinned to it).

The projectile spread will affect the projectile - as there is more than 2 weights thrown to get a useful projectile with a net, the spread will affect the width of the net (huge spread: the net will completly be extended faster [so easier to catch small targets, as drones, close to the player] and a small spread is giving more accuracy, allowing the player to select the target within the crowd).

The projectile itself has different effect on the target:

(1) immobilize the target, making him vulnerable to finisher (heavy units are slowdown - slowing to completly immobilize by stacking nets);

(2) depends on the faction:

-reduce the armor (permanent reduction, stackable with other nets) - Grineer ?;

-dispel the shield - Corpus ?;

-dispel the buff (good for the Ancients) - Orokin ?


The Corpus Net-launcher, would be the basic launcher with an electrified net.

Damage type: puncture (low) - impact + electric


Sekrit photo of an highly skilled Corpus hunter - colorized 15 Y.B.N.W (15 Years Before the New War)




The Grineer Net-Launcher would be even more basic, launching a barbed wire (like a grenade launcher, using Spring-Razor-like projectile, as we're using in the Dishonored video games):

Damage type: impact (low) - puncture + slash

-The strangledom-fram should like this one.


I don't know if they must be Main, or Secondary weapons, because there is design available for both one & two-hands + it would be more practicle for us and our Warframe to make them secondaries as they could be used in duo with Glaives/Chakram (and so we're going back to the Gladiator Retiarius setup).


So, what do you think about that ?

It sure changes from the annihilator-3000, BFG & other room-cleaners 😄

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