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Nehzas Warding Halo


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Yea i literally was able to get 14k shields like a hour ago from self damage with Ogris.. Doesnt seem to work anymore..

But.. Ive been testing Nehza cause i just found out Nehza got some rework. It would be nice if there was a way i could replenish shield health while its active. Or detonate for a remainder of shield health in radial heat damage. Waiting for the shield to expire (AFK from DPS/Crowd Control) and crossing my fingers on the timing of [Adaptation]'s 20sec not running out to recast is potluck.. Then even the potluck of getting 1 shot from Poisonous infested gas

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1 hour ago, RobWasHere said:

Nezha doesn't need that - Halo explodes when expired giving few secs of invulnerability. The range is small, but that promotes a little more aggressive approach. Nezha is fast and agile - use that.

Actually now that i think of it, I'd rather see [Pyroclastic Flow] contribute to Warding Halo's shield health than releasing it in a trail of fire.. Maybe even a radial heat proc after duration end or on recast of Firewalker.. Then even % of enemies damaged from firewalker adds % to maximum health of Warding Halo making him possible to tank High level.

Energy management would be key, but the real enemy would be Nullifiers, Ancient Disruptors and Leech Eximus across all factions..

Then even [Safeguard] should be a % link between shields as Warding Halo is active.. (like Companions [Link Shields]) instead of -50% effectiveness

Ha! Im just dreaming. I guess ill stop

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