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How does prime trading works?



I mean, do you sell built prime parts, or only BP for them? Example: can I sell banshee Prime neuroptic BP or built banshee Prime neuroptic only? Does it change the price? When I write in trade chat, should I write banshee Prime neuroptic BP or that does not matter? I am a little unsure. 

I see a lot of people selling prime frames and weapons and sets, but I don't know if I have to build them first, or just sell the BP and people build themselves. 

Thanks for the answers! 

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You can only sell prime BP,with the exepcion of weapon parts,sydicate stuff and Baro weapons.

If ypu just started trading in WF,here is a list of things to remeber when trading:

1. Only sell sets. They are far more valuable than individual parts and you will be most likely to sell it like that

2. Only sell duplicate items. You will need prime stuff one day (either for MR leveling or to use them)

3. You can also sell other stuff like Ayatan Sculptures,Mods,Arcanes etc.

4. Keep track of what items are goint to be vaulted.

When an item is beeing vaulted,it means that you won't have the ability to grind them in-game. All the relics that have a BP/part will be removed,but all aquired BP and parts will stay. Try to grind multiple sets-one for yourself and other for selling. Try to sell items after they are vaulted.

5. Check the prices of items

There is a great site where you can see the prices of all sellable items in the game. 


Also,you can put items that you would like to sell on the site and people can message you to buy the item you have listed

That's all that I can think of rigt now and hopefuly you find this helpful


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