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Bladestorm Bug "turning The World Upside Down"


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I was using Bladestorm during a Defense on Gnathos. It wasn't a problem for a while. Eventually I used it and it literally turned my world upside down. Here's some screenshots to show you what I mean.







That last one is looking down. As you can see it's looking up.


Suffice to say, it made it very difficult to play. Completely buggered up my controls, as well. So it was very difficult to move and attack.


EDIT: Further Bladestorm uses didn't fix the bug. It did go back to the normal angle, during them. It would always go back to upside down though. It didn't affect other squad members either. It only affected me.

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Mhm. You were so useless there :T


(had the second best gun in the team and could do nothing :D)


Additional Info : This glitch did not affect the rest of the squad.


I think I still had top damage % from Bladestorm. D: Well and the insane Lanka headshots I got before the bug.


That said, further Bladestorm uses didn't fix the problem. However during them it was moved to the proper angle. Went right back to upside down afterwards.


Then a Disruptor smacked me and I had no energy for more Bladestorms.

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On the upside (no pun intended), all the screenshots I've seen like this look really cool. We need a condition, maybe in Nightmare, where the gravity is reversed on ships and we move along the ceiling. I'm sure some of the larger rooms wouldn't work properly but....

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That is a strange one.

Bladestorm has a ton of glitches, I'm not too surprised that you encountered another one.

But hell, it's a doozy.


The biggest one I recieved with blade storm was more positive than it was negative.

I was stuck in FOV, but I could press e and magically perform the animation to assassinate anything in the room, and also, wherever I walked, it became the new floor.

If I walked up stairs, I could walk off them into the air to whatever height I walked to.


Blade storm is buggy as hell.

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