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Ayatan Sculptures not listed properly


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This applies to [PS4], but probably also applies to [PC] and [XB1].
Chimera: Update 23.10.6

Whenever you open the Ayatan Sculptures menu from the Orbiter, you have the option to press Triangle and sort them by NAME, ENDO or % FILLED

There are 4 issues:

1. When you press triangle, your cursor does not hover automatically over to the listed options.

2. If, for example, you decide to sort them by ENDO or % FILLED and then exit the menu, they'll still be sorted by NAME as default when you return.

3. When listed by % FILLED, you'd want the sculptures that are no filled to be listed at the top, so you don't have to scroll all the way down at the bottom to fill them. Right now, the empty sculptures are listed at the bottom. This is not practical.

4. The amount of Endo provided is not listed on each sculpture, and can't be assessed at a glimpse. You have to manually click on each one to see how much they're worth.

Thank you!

Edited by (PS4)Oracle-Raven
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