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Ducats, Kuva and Riven Transmuters left not properly listed


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This applies to [PS4], but probably also applies to [PC] and [XB1].
Chimera: Update 23.10.6

When you press the Options (pause) button, you can see the amount of Platinum and Credits you have in the top right corner, along with how much time you have left on any potential Ressource/Affinity/Credit boosters active.

However, you do not see other currencies, such as Orokin Ducats and Kuva (and potentially Void Traces also).

Ducats and Kuva aren't listed at the top when you open your Foundry, Market, Codex or Modding ship segments either.
Ducats are only listed at the top when you open your Inventory menu.

In the Modding segment especially, being able to see how much Kuva and Riven Transmuters you have left would be very useful.

At present, you basically have to bring up your Inventory menu to see how many Riven Transmuters or Kuva you have left. This is not practical.

Thank you!

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