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Stuck at Jordas Golem


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Today I tried farming me some Atlas

However, in the 9 times I ran it, 7 of those I got stuck


right after I beat the big infested bull thingy, there´s a cutscene where you get in your archwing to fight the big Jordas Golem thingy

as soon as the cutscene ends I´m stuck, crouching in space, my Archwing stored a few meters behind me, if I´m in Spoiler mode, then I get stuck in spoiler mode

I can press space, the effects and sound work but I don´t move, I can just rotate my Warframe around, and I can use the ESC menu, that´s it

also the Boss is about 4000m away from me so I guess I´m stuck somewhere outside the map?

did this happen to anyone else?

here are some screencaps:





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