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Chainsaw Katana.


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Disclaimer: Strong language. [size=4]



I've thinking that it would be nice to have a sword, that could actually hit group of enemies at once, instead of just one guy. And then, about a minute later... I've seen this. So... I'm sold. I definitly want that if warframe. Please, don't do gears of war references, I hate that game.

Language warning!


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Don't know about you, guys... But this thing is all I ever wanted for chrismas. I wanna marry it and have a lot of babies and live with it happily forever. Here is an idea...


☠ Advantage - Single sword, which can hit multiple enemies at once.

☠ Disadavantage - Only melee (So far), which is not silenced.

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I actually thought of more of a devil may cry 4 gimmick to it. The character nero could "rev" his sword up to give it a power boost. Perhaps this sword could start with lower stats however everytime you slice an enemy with it you rev it up. As you hit more and more things with it, it revs up more and more to a max point where the stats cap. The higher it is rev-ed perhaps the more dmg it would do, or the quicker it would attack. The higher it is rev-ed the faster visually the chain would move on the sword, and the sword would glow brighter and brighter its designated glow. The rev would degrade for any amount of time the sword is not hitting an enemy. So to keep your sword strong you would need to be in the thick of the battle ripping through enemies and amassing copious amounts of blood for the blood god.

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