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Glaive charge throw changes


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Orvius and now all Glaives have had changes made, deteriorating their performance. Charged throw now takes extra time to accumulate. Even with Primed Fury, (which before the Chimera update, expedited this function), the speed is sub par to their previous version. That's essentially killing the weapon's strength. On top of this, the accuracy and tracking has further degraded. Now they only lock on a target half of the time. I've tested this on several maps amd missions. The sound effects however are constant and faithful. 

EDIT: Duel weilding also has a bug, your firearm will sometimes swap with a Glaive, and you "throw" that instead. Firing the gun will only shoot out a beam/bullet. This was prevalent with any side arm.

EDIT: After the last hotfix there was a *slight* improvement, however the bug still remains.

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On Xbox I'm avoiding my favorite weapon glaive prime because I don't want to adjust to messed up timing. Really hoping this works in the next console fix because it sucks. Super small window that's really late and is misaligned with the awkward new sound.

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