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Frost and Loki


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Good morning, please can Frost's snow globe increase damage dealt, when shooting from within it?

If not Frost, then can damage be increased, when Loki shoots through his decoy? 

The damage does not have to be as high as the damage of Chroma. 

My reason is that these are too highly used frames, that are almost useless to fight the teralyst, hydrolyst, and gantulyst.



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Alright everyone, repeat after me:

It is OK if frames are not good at everything.

It is OK if some frames are better than others at specific things.

It is OK for some frames to be generally considered powerful, but be bad choices for specific things.


Loki and Frost don't need damage boosting, they are both incredibly useful in the rest of the game without it.

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4 hours ago, (PS4)hartbete said:

can damage be increased, when Loki shoots through his decoy?

So, you want a feature that requires your squishy Frame to be
lined up perfectly with something that enemies are encouraged to shoot at.

*slow clap*

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8 hours ago, (PS4)hartbete said:


This isent mature at all by the way. People are giving honest feedback.

Frost getting a damage buff shooting through the globe isent needed frost already has an augment for the 1 he has an augment for ice damage for others.


Loki dosent need it either at best I could see his decoy exploding for damage taken.


But that's it. Frost is great for defense and just about any type of gameplay bit tery hunting? Nope. Loki is great for spy and great for any type of game mode honestly as a stealth based frame and also decently skilled players can reach passed beyond normal means of survival times.


Both frames are in great places as is. Are they the best for everything single lil thing? No. Can they be used during those types of activities? Yes.

Thing is you'll need a decent weapon, and maybe an aura mod for more damage for the weapon your using.(which even the meta frames need too)

That's all. You don't need to be OP OHKO king do these. Hell I've done them as vauban lol with a crappy modded sniper. Took a lil bit longer. Still works however. 

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