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Nyx rework thoughts (post devstream 118)


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First I'll go over what was mentioned during the stream then give some thoughts on a subject as a whole.


So the idea is to make an EMP aura (I've never seen anybody use btw) for all factions? This is just my opinion, but anything based on a chance is a bad ability, not to mention that with Nyx'es general survivability this won't do anything on higher levels. Decrease in accuracy is great for a duel, but facing a dozen of lvl 100+ enemies... this little chance won't save you.

1st skill.

I've seen a few people criticizing this change but I actually think it might work well just like Nova's ball of death, however for that to be viable AI of the affected target needs to be changed to the one of a specter or Nekros'es zombies, controlled enemy needs to either stick to the player drawing the agro away or actively seek and destroy enemies in the area.

2nd skill.

Now, where did that came from? From the description it seems like a poor man's Mag's 3rd and from what I understand it'll stay in the form of them bolts... Anyways I'll elaborate on that below along with the kit effectiveness as a whole, skill change is a big thing to tackle.


My thoughts and ideas about Nyx'es kit.

Let's start with the main problem and walk through the kit from this perspective. The problem is CC, or the lack of it to be exact, pretty much the only CC Nyx has is her 3 and it doesn't work all that well. Here's an example, I took Nyx into an Interception on the same map as Helene/Hydron so my Chaos could cover the whole thing, I capped the points and stood in the middle recasting Chaos often enough to affect all the enemies. After a short while they capped 2 points.

And that brings us to the passive, in my mind passive skill is supposed to enhance the kit or work along with it, for Nyx it would make sense that the enemies affected by her abilities attract more agro than Nyx herself, your allies or relevant mission objectives, this would make her 3 actually good CC and help Nyx survive against higher levels and be useful while defending mission objectives.

1st skill is pretty much covered already, idea is good but will fail if controlled enemies will behave as they do now i.e. walk around all sad and uninterested in whatever's going on around them.

2nd. Bolts need to go. They are pretty much Nekros'es soul punch minus the fun of Sonicor, they do nothing overall especially since their main thing (rad proc) is pretty much redundant with Chaos present. Now to the armour stripping: the idea itself is fine, it would be a great addition to Nyx'es 3rd and that's kinda the thing here, why not just make it into an augment for that 3rd skill instead of wasting a skill slot on this?

Anyways, with Mag it makes sense that armour would be ripped away and shields disrupted by magnetic force, but with telekinesis it's kinda iffy in my opinion. Instead, since Nyx already makes enemies see each other as herself with Chaos, why not use the 2nd slot for the opposite skill: with likeness of Ivara's Prowl mechanics Nyx would be able to make enemies see Nyx as one of them (variation of stealth) with any uncharacteristic movements (bullet jumps) breaking the effect. Augment can be changed into the similar one for Prowl, giving the ability to bypass laser beams and sensors.

On the other hand, if you insist on telekinesis for the second slot the simple solution would be the opposite of Mag's pull - force telekinetic push. With this one an augment can be changed into temporary disarming enemies affected by the push in the same way that enemies affected by Titania's 1st drop their weapons and need to get them back.

3rd and 4th skills need to be addressed together since right now they work against each other and it's real bad. What I mean is: if you cast Chaos, enemies will not focus their fire on you drastically reducing effectiveness of your 4th, so if you want to utilize the full potential of the bubble you'll be pretty much locked out of your other abilities. I've already talked above about making 3rd skill effective, as for the 4th the simple solution would be making all enemies affected by your 3rd focus their fire on you and you alone the moment you turn on the bubble. This will go along with the CC theme and help your team by drawing agro away from them.

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RNG based passives are a terrible idea, I agree completely. An "EMP aura" passive for Nyx is just plain useless too. I can just press 3 to have a similar effect, making this absurdly redundant. I don't understand how the devs think sometimes I swear.

For her 1 to be worth using, it needs a few things IMO : as you mention, an AI that isn't brain dead would be nice. Also, I strongly believe making Mind Control permanent until release or the death of the controlled unit instead of duration based, would help immensely.

Psychic Bolts is just... bad. Doesn't bring anything to Nyx's kit. I agree that it must go, and I really like this idea of Nyx using her psychic powers to fool enemies and make them think she's one of them. I never liked her 2, it's just not worth a power slot for me. I'm all for getting rid of it and this idea of a power that would give her this ability to manipulate the minds of enemies like this sounds very interesting, like a new take on infiltration, using something other than just invisibility. Great idea there IMO, I support it completely.

Chaos was always a mixed bag for me. The initial stun is incredibly useful, and the chaos effect is nice, although not consistently reliable due to its very random nature. I would suggest making it better by simply making enemies not see Nyx and her teammates. Maybe also pets? As for objectives, it might be a tad too strong to make enemies unable to target them, I don't know.

Absorb has many long standing problems that for some reason, and despite the many threads about it, the devs have obstinately refused to address for years. First, magnetic damage makes absolutely no sense. It should either be radiation damage or even finisher damage, since this is an ultimate ability after all. Second, the fact that you're unable to do anything, not even move, unless you use Assimilate, makes this ability boring and uninteresting, and enemies don't really end up focusing on you all that much. The idea of forcing all enemies affected by Chaos to focus all their attention on Absorb would indeed help here I believe. I'm also not a fan of energy consumption being tied to damage absorbed, it's just a relic from years ago when there weren't any counters the AI could use. Now it has several, so I think this mechanic should be either removed or rebalanced to take this into account, as it tends to struggle with the higher end of enemy scaling and nullies without Assimilate to move away from them.

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On 2018-10-31 at 4:59 PM, Marthrym said:

For her 1 to be worth using, it needs a few things IMO : as you mention, an AI that isn't brain dead would be nice. Also, I strongly believe making Mind Control permanent until release or the death of the controlled unit instead of duration based, would help immensely.

What if we keep the duration, but turn the enemy into a telekinetic bomb? Controlled unit would store some percentage of all recieved damage and upon expiration of ability explode, returning the damage in a moderate 10-15m area. Affected unit should also not count as an enemy as to not confuse other players with a radar marker or delay defence waves if Nyx forgets to deactivate the ability.

With Chaos, I'd say making objectives or other targets completely "invisible" would indeed be op, but I still think that agro from affected enemies should be higher than from any other sources.

As for the bubble, I didn't know it scales energy consuption with recieved damage... that's really bad indeed, if anything this seems more negative scaling with enemy level, defeating any point in taking Nyx into the "endgame", however even that relict mechanic would be workable if bubble's scaling also include damage output multiplier i.e. the faster you recieve damage - the stronger the explosion will be. But I do agree this need to go, it has no place in WF with it's current state.

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