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Looking for an active alliance for Fortuna!


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Hi guys,

I'm the founding warlord of Empathetic Annihilators, a ghost clan with me and a few friends of mine. We're looking for an active alliance to explore the icy dunes of Fortuna with! We have everything leveled except ignis wraith, hema, and most dojo colors. We're not especially hardcore, but all content is fairly familiar with us.


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HI Zeth,

The Gun & Blade Alliance is a casual alliance that is always looking for more good people, like GOOFBALLL1 🙂

Our recruitment post is here (DE keeps archiving it, idk why): https://forums.warframe.com/topic/959955-gun-blade-is-uniting-small-clans/

Feel free to PM here if you have questions or you can visit our discord server here: https://discord.gg/FSwxSG3



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