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Gas Giant Massive Sentient fight idea


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Gas Giant Sentient fight

Basic Concept is for a group of players have to fight a giant floating Sentient while moving around floating platforms. So it's combining the parkour gameplay with the teralyst type fights. This would be aimed towards the highest level players.

Story: A group of humans have made themselves a cluster of colonies floating around in the atmosphere of a gas giant (like Jupiter or Saturn). But they are being harassed by this old sentient that lives in the clouds. So they have asked for help beating back the creature before it destroys their colonies.

Gameplay: The players will move around various playforms with the sentient flying around, moving between them. These platforms will be like scraps of a destroyed colony that are caught in the air currents. There size would be not very big, some just big enough for the 4 warframes to stand on.

An inspiration for the Sentient would be something like a manta ray. The players will have to land on the creature at times to destroy parts of it close up, probably with their operator. But the Sentient will only stay still for a bit. Smaller sentients will come out to guard it then.


Platforms will be destroyed from time to time by the sentient as the fight goes on to make it a bit harder. It will dive up into the clouds and then attack once more or move to farther away platforms.

Another idea could be that the sentient lets out a wave of energy from time to time so players need to find a platform that has a wall they can hide behind.

There would be a time limit on this first part. If they don't break down the sentients body enough then it will just float away into the clouds and the mission is over.

Part 2: Eventually players will go inside the big sentient to destroy critical parts that allow it to fly. Smaller sentients and other dangers would be inside. But the sentient will roll around to try to throw them out of holes in it's body. So like the map is rolling around and turning about as they fight inside to destroy the weak parts.


Part of this idea is the corpus colonies and well, gas giants are big so maybe there are more than just Corpus living there? And like old sea tales maybe there is something lurking in the deep.

Another inspiration is the fights of the giants in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Like how you move around the inside and outside of their bodies and how they can change dramatically.

Well thanks for reading

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7 hours ago, AwkwardLazarow said:

Sounds nice, most imortantly what the rewards? Space mercanary dont work for free ya know

Well of course it would be a sweet poster for your room in the style of Free Willy but with the sentient flying over the operator instead of a killer whale


But in all seriousness I don't know. I am actually not an end game player currently so not sure what they are looking for. An idea just in general might be that in Cetus and soon to be Fortuna there are items you can build (like the MOA pet). So maybe this battle could give out parts only found here to help give new life to those buildable items. But maybe that would be boring for those players, I don't know.

I do like the idea of having things that tie in to other parts of the game though so that places don't just sorta die once their usefulness goes away.

At first I thought a new currency that one could spend at the colonies that you are trying to save but I also tend to hate when games just keep adding currencies.

Another idea that would be part of the possible rewards could be special cosmetics for the operator and warframes.

So not the best answers but I mainly just thought up the fight. Rewards in this game can many times be a tangled web.

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