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Never going to do another * riven mod


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Seriously. Find 3 caches. No.

Find 6 Dargyns and kill them before they hit the ground


* waste of time.

If it isn't doable in single survival you can go * yourself. I am selling them. If they require me to mindlessly wonder around in the hope ill stumble across something. No.

Not gonna be wondering around aimlessly for caches that are practically impossible to find and don't appear on loot detector on maps like * mazes for some * that is probably worth more when veiled.

Not gonna run around the plains for two hours looking for #*!%ing dargyns who refuse to spawn, then they either die immediately on the explosion and i don't get the credit, or i shoot them while they are in the craft EVEN NAVIGATING AN ARROW INTO THE GUYS HEAD and somehow the craft dies but they don't, and i don't get the credit. Or they disappear and i don't get the credit. etc.

* that. Seriously. The only two times i've ever had to turn this game off in blind rage; the only times when i've ever felt HATE for this game, have been when trying to do these * ass * quests. 

* fix this *.

Its a shooting game. Not a run-around-aimlessly forever game. We did the * difficult part in getting a riven. Don't take the * * by giving us * quests that require us to run around * aimlessly for hours.

Complain about my language. Fine. Complain about my sentiment you have no * case.

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