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UI for adding mods to warframe/weapons


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It would be nice if there were some quality of life improvements to how we view mods in the UI, especially when adding mods to warframes/weapons because the u/i is a little different than the mods station

Some improvements could be:

a button to hide unranked mods (this is a big one!): I want to be able to sort alphabetically but not see all those unranked mods. 

more sorting options (similar to the mods station)

decrease icon sizes to fit more mods visible before scrolling, i.e. 4-5 rows instead of 2.

maybe a favorites feature where you can select which mods you always want to see first. This could be a different set of favorites based on Warframe, Primary, Secondary, Melee, etc. (this feature would be awesome).


another one i thought of was to automatically hide installed mods


all these are meant to clean up the view when installing mods. with how many mods there already are, the view is so busy and crowded that it would use a little organization

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