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PS4 UI Elements degrade to Trash Quality


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This actually happened in the "remaster" patch pre-Chimera.  The UI elements for weapon icons have been degraded to pixelated trash levels.  I play on the PS4 Pro and it just looks awful.  This also applies to button icons in certain menus (i.e. the Syndicate menu).  This is just the icons but virtually everything in the game looks worse now.  Whatever compression method was used was completely bad.  Frames textures, Sigils... everything seems to have a jagged outline and I know it's not my TV or PS4 because it's the exact same for my friend.   

Now bear in mind the PS4's capture ability is crap at best, but just look at this:
The Marelok's handle looks like it came from a Nintendo game - but wait its gets worse....
Look at this abomination!  The quality for the Sigma icon is so degraded that one of the spikes on it is straight up missing a tip....

Please fix this.

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