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I've gotten my Operator to be quite powerful--unlocking 4/5 schools' waybounds--so playing around with the Operator's mechanics has gotten to be really fun, especially while playing Umbra. But I kinda wish there were more options to use while in mission.

For the Now

Something that could probably be implemented currently is the ability to equip 2 different amps, and be able to cycle between them like you can with a rifle and pistol. There's a lot of amp combinations out there, kinda sucks only being able to bring one amp to a mission.

For the Future

I would love to see Operators able to use melee weapons. Whether it be taking a normal frame weapon or even going as far as taking a custom built Operator specific melee weapon, please, I need this in my life. For basics, at least a longsword, spear, and dagger for beginning choices, since those would be the easiest to use without much physical strength (like in the Operator's case).

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I feel it's a bit redundant.


A amp at least provided a new damage type that's already ranged and in turn superior to any version of void short range bladed weapon. They could add a stealth amp kill or a version of silent void damage with that ability under a focus tree and then what benefit could a melee bring other than MR fodder.

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