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Grineer Galleon Tileset Pathfinding Bug


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On the Grineer Galleon tileset there's one specific room that breaks game pathfinding, this one:


Until you get to this room, it causes your objective marker (and AI) to not follow its normal path, just pointing in the compass direction of its destination (in this case, extraction)


If we return to the room in question, you can see my marker on the map ignoring the room exits entirely:


And as soon as I reach the top of the final ramp (there's some kind of threshold there), it corrects itself:


This bug has been persistent throughout my Warframe career and I keep hoping to see it fixed in the patch notes. While simply confusing for some missions, it's completely game breaking for Survival because the AI will get stuck somewhere on the ramp and fail to navigate.

Thanks for reading.

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