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Fortuna additions I would love to see


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Animals you catch can later become pets.
(i want one of those ice armadillos as a pet so bad)


Normal enemy MOA parts for your MOA pets.
(normal, shock-wave, rail-gun, fusion, ect)


Wrench melee weapons.
(one as a machete, the other as a hammer)


Warframe cosmetics to go with the new operator cosmetics.


A wide variety of Kitgun types.
(single, auto, semi-auto, scoped, burst, scatter, beam, laser, tesla coil, gas-sprayer, cryo-sprayer, flame-thrower, ect)
(if it's just a bunch of pistols with slightly different stats, will be a little disappointing)
(lasers that go pew pew!)


A new sentinel, kubrow and/or kavat.
Hasn't been a new one in a while.

New Sentinel named Oxylus will be in the update.


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