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Simulacrum improvement ideas (plz read)

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The simulacrum could be a lot better in my opinion if there was an option to turn off mod capacity because then it would allow you to try any weapon or frame you have with anything no matter what level, if it also upgraded frames abilities to level 3 and automatically unlocked them all it would allow players to see if it was worth putting a catalyst or reactor or exilus adaptor (if it also unlocked that slot) on and make a build as if they’d used loads of Forma to see if they really wanted to invest the time and resources into that weapon or frame. For example using a Forma on an aura slot can be an absolute pain because you kinda have to do it and level the frame so see if it’s actually made a big enough difference, and a weapon for example the dread can be an amazing weapon but without a catalyst it’s really hard to use and until I used it on Loki for fun and realised it’s Crit potential I thought it was a terrible bow. I do still think it should be an option tho so players can still test their weapons and frames normally but I think this would make the simulacrum much more popular. Especially if it also allowed mods to have any upgrade level for players that don’t know if a mod is worth the 30,000 endo and 2,000,000 credits it costs. It could potentially have a mode where there’s a scroll wheel for the mod slots on weapons and frames so you can make just stupidly powerful wepons and frames just for fun. The last bit would just be fun but the rest of it I think would really improve the simulacrum.

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