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Best setup for Tenno Specters?



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I have different ones at different Specter levels depending on the severity of the situation. They're especially more useful after their AI tweak that made them use abilities more consistently.

Edit: Important note: Specters and their weapons are not affected by mods. They are all base stats, so don't go out of your way to mod something for their benefit.

I give them all Amprex since it is widespread and they can use it with unlimited ammo and unlimited magazine so they just spray it non-stop without ever having to reload. You can have them use whatever but them having unlimited ammo helps with decision making since they can spam stronger weapons with poor ammo economy or long reload. Tigris Prime might be a good candidate but I haven't tested it.

1. Inaros - Just for durable backup with decent crowd control. He will use his Sandstorm pretty effectively and kill off weaker enemies while throwing the more stubborn ones around. He will also open enemies to finishers.

2. Octavia - For wide area damage/support for stationary objectives. She will use all of her abilities and give buffs.

3. Trinity - She will use all of her abilities which is just good mission sustainability when things are getting bad.

4. Nova - Gives a good damage boost and crowd control. She won't use Wormhole, thankfully, but will use everything else. She's my "Oh S#$%" button.

Here's the link to Specter info. Half way down the page has a list of all Frame specters and how they use their abilities to help you decide which might suit your needs when summoning them.


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