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An Idea For Weapon Usage


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Hello fellow members, I have been playing this game for a few months, have 320hours of playtime, acquired most frames and weapons (only one prime weapon though because I haven't been going to the voids).


Recently I started thinking how to add more depth to it.


What if, certain combination of weapons in the squad opens a gateway to somewhere?


Maybe one prime weapon + one vandal weapon + some other weapon lets the squad go to a special area of the void?

And different combinations lead you to different places? Maybe minibosses in the voids?


I'm just trying to think of ways to add lore to the game, and make use of the ridiculously large pool of weapons.

A random thought, what do you guys think?

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Hopefully not so random as all that.... Maybe you have to be in the void anyway and its a puzzle activated by various guns... Not sure how that could be done so that its understandable but still a puzzle. Iv thought about this before though. Go all william tell to access a room. Set a statue alight to make it scuttle looking opening a door. Hit toxic statue with Torid? Possibilitys.....

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