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PC: Where Is Fortuna?


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5 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

P.S we did some Press in advance which mentioned the chance Garuda wouldn't make the Update. She WILL be launching with Fortuna! 


This here tells me that Fortuna is basically ready but since you want to release Garuda with it, its being delayed. Am I wrong in assuming this?

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1 hour ago, ZephyrZone said:

thats a rather optimistic way to look at pessimism.

Well the other way is

You are either right with the guess. Yay.


You have to wait even longer.

But since you expect it to be later than what you would expect if you were to be optimistic, the chance of it dropping before that date are higher than when you are optimistic.

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It's ok Meggy Meg, 90% of people  didn't really believe about the myth of Nov 1st lmfao

Given your history with such things i guess we should expect something in 8-15 days, but i'll surely be happy to be proven wrong and see the update comes earlier than that.

Glad to know that Garuda will come with the update though, honestly it's the thing that intersts me the most beside the kitguns thing and the giant spiders fights...The rest ( based on what was showcased on MANY devstreams ) is just a POE bounties grind on a different tileset, fishing grind, skateboarding which i can care less and hunting animals, the hell with that...hopefully there'll be more than that which you kept hidden so as to give us more surprises


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3 minutes ago, fantaisie said:

my hype for fortuna has died like when you get so hungry that u stop feeling hungry or when u get so tired that u stop feeling tired, JUST SHIP IT

Me too, I stop following discord, build extra hype is bad for my health.

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5 minutes ago, JacketFoster said:

Honestly, if they wanted to prevent all the people getting upset about the release date not being met, THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE MENTIONED A PARTICULAR DAY, LET ALONE THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH.

I agree, but they also added the first week of Nov in the devstream...... So maybe by Nov 9th we will get Fortuna

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