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The story of the Hexis operative and his Clotra Stims


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Eventually, I found some purpose for my mighty Synthula stockpiles. 

Other stims seem to work. However, Clotra stim’s description says “Revives a target that is bleeding out, and provides a bonus revive to any allies in range

You know, there are no bleed outs in arbs...

I didn’t have the balls to try it... :facepalm

Please someone try the Clotra stim on the Hexis operative(use it 30 seconds or less before he die), see if this thing can save his a$$ with the bonus revive.

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I remember we had tried to use the stims on sortie defense targets a little after Pacifism Defect, and it mysteriously caused them to self destruct and we joked that perhaps the stims intended for cybernetic systems were too much for regular folk! It could have been fixed by now though; and would be a nifty use for the synthula we find every so often.

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