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Bring back the Worms


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During the playthrough of the war Within

We encounter this orokin worm thingy that we can get into after knock them out .but, after the quest we just left that thing untouch. (except you replay the mission)

I just kindda thinking of using such element can be exciting. I dunno how complicated that mechanition or coding would be but its just a sugestion from a fan. You know it's fun to imagine this and that yeah whatever


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Well for one they would need to add docile/territorial wildlife into every environment ... and what purpose would it serve? It was a cool feature but in terms of usefulness in actual regular gameplay it has no legs. Unless they re-introduce it into the Plains and Fortuna maps ... i could see that working in a fun way.

On a similar note ... like the type of archwing gameplay we saw in those missions as well ... dodging large detection grids and jumping in and out from asteroid fields and in and out of archwing. Love to see that type of "flow" come back to archwings.

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