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Hey DE, can we get some more arbitration rewards/buyables?


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Not gonna lie, Im almost done with arbitrations already.

last 2 things im currently missing is the tenno head gear and sharpshooter from the drop table. Thats it, and its been out for 2 days.

so could you add some more buy-ables in the honor shop? More specifically, some/all of these:

- amber stars

- cyan stars


- a vandal weapon blueprint, and the parts could be farmed in arbitrations.

- some new mods. (Lets be honest,  The self damage mod is pretty useless. But i love power donation)

- 1 EXTREMELY expensive item. Im talking like 100 vitus essence. Possibly a warframe animation set, operator armor set, or a skin for a type of weapon.

(dahx11) - a random riven veiled mod. I’d think the chances for pulling shotguns should be lowered as per usual.


thoughts? If you have Anything to add, i’ll go ahead and add it to the list and credit you.

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I'd be fine with them adding everything you listed except new weapons/mods to farm...

I've done 4 arbitrations, 2 defense, 1 interception, and 1 survival and I'm already bored and don't understand who these are meant to appeal to. The 1 hour survival was a complete snooze-fest (I thought the pc players were exaggerating, I'm sorry!), which was surprising since I thought the babysit the squirrel AI defense missions would be difficult to beat. The only good part was getting the 4 mods, I'd previously gotten only endo and ayatans.

I was hoping this mode would be challenging and fun...and that would be the reward for playing. Sadly it appears I still need 17 more vitus essence if I wanted the 2 mods (guess I don't). Hoping Fortuna has something new and interesting that will make me excited for playing WF again.

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