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Melee Channel Idea


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Well, I know Melee 3.0 is coming soon, and Melee Channel might be ditched, but here I am as a Channel builder (Because i love do DELETE!!! the enemy), i think there are more to be done with Melee Channeling

-Currently, Each Melee has 1 Stance Mod Slot, and 8 Reg Mod (with catalyst an max stance with same polarity u get 70 Mod Capacity)

How this Idea of Melee Channel work:

1.Channeling Bonus Damage is ditched (Channeling Does Nothing at all)

2.New Melee system got 1 Stance Mod, 8 Mod Slot, and 3 Channel Slot (Or More, because you still gonna be capped with mod capacity)(Maybe Unlock Channel mod slot with forma)

3.The Channel Slot will be activated only when u use channeling

3. Channel Mod slot 1 = +4 energy/hit,Channel Mod slot 2 = +5 energy/hit,Channel Mod slot 1 = +6 energy/hit

*If you use 1 channel mod slot,you need 4 energy/hit Cost, If 2 you will use 9 energy/hit Cost, and if 3 it will be 15 energy/hit Cost

5.Melee Efficiency work the same way, and mod with "While Channeling" Or "+ Channeling damage" can only be placed in channel mod slot

6.Corrupted Channel Melee Mod (Like life strike, etc) can have new Mechanic such as (Need to be at Channel slot 2 or more), or use - efficiency as before


This will benefit in many ways, for example

1.you place Primed reach in channel slot, so regularly you attack with normal range, and if you channel, the range will be amplified,

2.Putting Blood Rush in channel slot, so you will channel after you got high multiplier

3.Condition overload in channel slot, so you need to channel when enemy got so many status

4.Elemental mod, so your weapon will change the element if you channel (in basic slot got electric, in channel got Toxic || regular attack electric, channel attack = corrosive)

*Note: Because of Channel Bonus damage is now gone, mod +channel damage like Killing Blow and some other might need to be readjusted




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